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What is outsourcing in Portugal?

HR Outsourcing is defined as a set of contractual relations organised between an administration company (Eotim), an employee and client companies, involving for the “portée” employee the system of salaried employment and the remuneration of his or her services to the client by the administration company (Eotim)HR 

How does HR Outsoursing work ?

The employee and our client company directly negotiate the terms of the assignment (nature, duration, price).

– Eotim then signs an assignment contract with the client and, at the same time, an employment contract under Portuguese law with the employee.

– Eotim then invoices its client for the fees corresponding to the assignment and pays the employee the corresponding salary.


As a true advisor and partner of your organisation, Eotim will accompany you throughout the implementation of the HR Outsourcing. We are committed to proposing and implementing a fast, reliable and flexible solution for your organisation.

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Do you want to hire one or more employees in Portugal without having to create a legal entity locally or is it in the process of being created?
Do you want to hire an independent service provider and want him to have employee status in Portugal?
Do you want to assign a service provider who does not have a status so that he can be invoiced by you?
Eotim can help you by carrying your employees in Portugal for the duration of your choice.

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